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The Arts
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The Art of Donna Williams

Donna Williams


Donna is  a young Autistic woman and author of many books on the subject. Two of her books are Nobody Nowhere and Somebody Somewhere. Among many other things she is a very talented artist. Donna has so graciously given me permission to post some of her art on this page.



The Weed


Limited Edition high Quality reproduction , The Weed triptych, from Donna's book.

(Over all size 18" x 35" , Double mounted and signed, $ 250.00 )
These prints are limited to 50


Rainbow Tree                Ocean Bear

                  Rainbow Tree                                   Ocean Bear

These are the first two limited Edition Prints by Donna.

They can be dedicated to any name chosen, as they are all hand finished by Donna, giving them a unique and individual look.

The prints come mounted (matted) and wrapped ready to frame.

Approx overall size 18" x 14 "
Price $ 100.00

Click here to view her web site or buy her art


Autism is not the end of the world. . . .
just the beginning of a new one
Just open your eyes. . . . .and see
                          ~ Sally Meyers

Poems about Autism

Poems by Sally Meyers




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You didn't lose a child to autism. You lost a child because the child you waited for never came into existence. That isn't the fault of the autistic child who does exist, and it shouldn't be our burden. We need and deserve families who can see us and value us for ourselves, not families whose vision of us is obscured by the ghosts of children who never lived. Grieve if you must, for your own lost dreams. But don't mourn for us. We are alive. We are real. And we're here waiting for you.  
                                                                                      ~  by Jim Sinclair

This is a must read for all touched by autism

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