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"Imagine you were in a foreign, noisy and crowded city at night, not understanding the language spoken, recognizing a few words but not really comprehending situations taking place around you, wanting to express a need for help but not being able. This experience may begin to help you relate to what a child with autism feels on an ordinary day."
                                      Gihan Ramadan, Arab News


Mission Statement:  To  enlighten and encourage all those whose lives have been touched by Autism . To help in the understanding of this disability and to point you in the right direction for answers and services available to you. I have been there, raising a son with Autism. If I can be of any help please feel free to send me an email.


Au·tism   [áwtiz(schwa)m ] noun
condition disturbing perceptions and relationships:  a disturbance in psychological development in which use of language, reaction to stimuli, interpretation of the world, and the formation of relationships are not fully established and follow unusual patterns

[Early 20th century. Coined from Greek autos "self" + -ism.]

Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P) 2001 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.



A young woman once asked a very old woman, "What is life's heaviest burden?"
The old woman replied, "To have nothing to carry."

                                                 ~ An old Jewish tale

Carry yours proudly !

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You didn't lose a child to autism. You lost a child because the child you waited for never came into existence. That isn't the fault of the autistic child who does exist, and it shouldn't be our burden. We need and deserve families who can see us and value us for ourselves, not families whose vision of us is obscured by the ghosts of children who never lived. Grieve if you must, for your own lost dreams. But don't mourn for us. We are alive. We are real. And we're here waiting for you.  
                                                                                      ~  by Jim Sinclair

This is a must read for all touched by autism

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